Zhuan Jiao Kuan

Chinese Boxing Association


Zhuan Jiao Kuan, Chinese Boxing Association, is a dynamic, modern kung-fu style.  Our training system is based on traditional Chinese long-fist kung-fu, but also incorporates elements of other martial arts along with modern training methods and a practical approach to self-defence.

Our training syllabus includes blocks and strikes using all parts of the legs and arms, and also incorporates joint locks, take-downs and throws.  We utilise a wide range of techniques from basic punching and kicking through to more complex jumping and spinning kicks.  There is a particular emphasis on the development of practical fighting skills and unlike some martial arts we have no restriction on techniques with the aim being to teach students how to fight rather than how to compete within a specific set of rules.  Many of our students have competed successfully in various arenas, including knock-down karate, kickboxing, san shou and muaythai and all of our instructors have full-contact fight experience.  In addition to the unarmed martial art, Zhuan Jiao Kuan black belts learn to use the long staff and senior black belts work with the broadsword and other traditional weapons.


Zhuan Jiao Kuan’s chief instructor is Grandmaster Glen Cudjoe; a martial artist with over 40 years’ experience in Chinese Boxing.  Master Cudjoe trained for more than 35 years under the direct tutelage of both the late Grandmaster Henry Koh and Grandmaster Kam of Zhuan Shu Kuan.  Masters Koh and Kam themselves had both trained in traditional Chinese kung fu in their native Singapore and Malaysia respectively, before emigrating to England and training in Taekwondo and later Wu Shu under Grandmaster C.K.Chang of Wu Shu Kwan.

Master Cudjoe was awarded the grade of Master by Zhuan Shu Kuan before leaving with a group of senior instructors and black belts to form Zhuan Jiao Kuan.  Master Cudjoe continues Master Koh and Kam’s legacy of maintaining “quality” rather than “quantity” in terms of attaining high standards of martial arts development.

Zhuan Jiao Kuan is run by a committee of senior black belts, each with a history of more than 20 years in Chinese Boxing.


Our classes are aimed at both adults and children; we almost always have more than one instructor per class and can therefore split the class as necessary to ensure that everyone gets the attention they need.  We train in a friendly but serious atmosphere; we want our classes to be enjoyable whilst at the same time our instructors will push individuals to achieve their best.

A typical class starts with a warm-up and stretch, often followed by basic punching, blocking and kicking techniques.  We practice attack/defence techniques and combinations in pairs and use padwork to develop speed, power and stamina.  Controlled free sparring is also part of our classes; this is kept light to encourage students to try new techniques without fear of getting hurt.  More senior students will spar harder, working up to full-contact sparring for fighters or senior grades.

Zhuan Jiao Kuan welcomes both beginners and experienced martial artists alike; regardless of your experience, our instructors will drive you at an appropriate level to improve both your level of fitness and technique.  Kung fu provides an excellent total body workout, and regular training will significantly improve your flexibility, stamina and muscle endurance.


St John's Wood, London

Instructor: Grandmaster Glen Cudjoe

Harris Academy, SJW. Mondays & Tuesdays: 4 - 5:30pm (HASJW pupils only) Wednesdays: 2:15 - 3:35pm (HASJW pupils only) ---------------------------------- Saturdays: 12 - 2pm (open to all)

Inkberrow, Worcestershire

Instructors: Rod & Tori Richardson (5th and 3rd Degree Black Belts)

Inkberrow Village Hall. Tuesdays: 4:45 - 6pm

Defford, Worcestershire

Instructors: Rod & Tori Richardson (5th and 3rd Degree Black Belts)

Defford Village Hall. Sundays 11:15am - 12:15pm


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